Top 5 Best wall mount electric fireplace reviews 2017

wall mount electric fireplace

Wall mount electric fireplace?

If you are planning to renovate your home or if you want to give your home a classy look then wall mount electric fireplace is the kind of thing which you must have. Buying a fireplace is not really an easy task as there are different types of wall mount electric fireplace available in the market.

The whole definition of the fireplace has changed earlier only wooden fireplaces was available but now you will see different types of wall mounted fires which can give your home best look. If you are staying in a place where the temperature is really low fireplace could be the real problem solver. A fireplace offers you great warmth during cold weather and makes the atmosphere comfortable for you. The temperature of your room will be temperate no matter how the cold the environment is. The best part is fireplace can fit anywhere in your room. You can keep it in your bedroom or also you can keep it in your dining room. Wall-mount electric fireplace can be your best choice as it serves your purpose really well. This wall mount electric fireplace is easily removable and also you can assemble it easily.

You will fireplace which uses gas, electricity or wood to produce fire. An electric fireplace is one of the best fireplaces available in the market. You may think that it consumes high electricity but you will be really happy to know that it consumes very less power. Wall-mount electric fireplace is energy saving and requires very less power to produce fire.

Most of the wall mounted electric fires are fully automated and it doesn’t require much maintenance. If you have a fireplace at your home, that will be your favorite spot to sit and have fun with your friends or family. People will love to enjoy the view of the fireplace so you must keep it where it is visible. Before you buy any fireplace this article will help you to give an idea about different fireplaces and you can easily choose the best fireplace of your choice.

Product 1: Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Mount linear fireplace electric


wall mount electric fireplaceIf you want to surprise your guest with one of the amazing fireplaces then Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Mounted linear fireplace electric is the one product which will make your home perfect. It is really classy and gives the best look. This is electric fireplace is designed such a way so that it can give you the realistic feeling. You will see logs which are laid behind durable glass. You will enjoy the smoke-free fire and also pleasant temperature. The dimension of this product is 50.4” width, 21.65” Height and 5.5 “deep.

This linear fireplace electric can heat any room which is 400 feet in minimum time. The installation process is really simple and it can be placed or moved anytime. You don’t require much effort to clean the fireplace as it doesn’t produce any ashes or smoke. You can mount it on the wall and enjoy the view, easily control the temperature or flame using the remote. It can be placed in your bedroom, dining room or library. This wonderful fireplace can be used in anytime throughout the year. As it has the dual facility and if you don’t need heat you can just use the fire mode. It also has auto shutoff feature which can be set for 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.


  • This is an amazing product which you must keep in your home, it doesn’t only heat your room also gives wonderful look. It will give you the exact feeling of the fireplace as it has log covered by glass just to give the same feeling.
  • If you are concerned about heating efficiency, then this product is the best as it is a thermostat controlled automated fireplace.
  • Wall-mount electric fireplace is designed such a way it can fit anywhere. It doesn’t consume any smoke or ashes. So it doesn’t require any manual maintenance.
  • The price of the product is minimal and really worth its value.
  • The product is covered under warranty; it can be repaired under the warranty period

Cons:wall mount electric fireplace

  • If you are looking for some product which is a little bit bulky then you will like the product, otherwise, this product is bit bulky.
  • This is a wall mounted product, so you need to make sure that product is placed at the right place and also it requires wall mounting hardware.





Product 2: Gibson Living Liberty 50 Inch  Wall Mount Electric Fireplace in White

wall mount electric fireplace Product dimension 50.4″W x 5.5″ D x 21.65″H and the Weight of the product is 50.7 pounds. This mind
blowing fireplace doesn’t require any gas or log to produce the fire. You just need to plug in. It doesn’t require any chimney or mantel for gas emission. This is wall mounted fireplace so you require wall mounting hardware to be placed. You can control the heat and also the flame using the remote. No batteries are included. It has automatic times which shut off 30 minutes to 7.5 hours. It can nicely heat up 400 square feet.


  • The flame which you will see is really clear and gives astonishing look.
  • This fireplace will make the environment really cozy and pleasant.
  • Doesn’t require any gas pipe or any wood to produce a flame.
  • This product doesn’t produce smoke so you don’t need to keep the chimney clean.
  • Really handy product and also the product longevity is really long.


  • Product size is big, compare to other product.
  • If you want to keep the product beneath your TV it requires 36” clearance.
  • The product is bit pricey.




Product3: best modern fireplace PuraFlame Galena Remote Control Portable & Wall-mounted Flat Panel Fireplace Heater


wall mount electric fireplace This amazing best modern fireplace has some amazing features which will blow your mind
Dimensions of the product 35.4″ L X 4.7″ W X 17″ HItem weight is just 40 pounds which you can easily carry. It is portable fireplace so it can be moved anywhere at any time. Temperature range of this product is 60 – 84 degrees. It can be used in any season.LED display which has 13 multi-color modes. Flame brightness can be adjusted through three levels. If you don’t want, then also you will see the flame and no heat would be generated. This wall mount electric fireplace comes with one-year warranty. It provides heat for up to 400 sq. ft and also it has an adjustable thermostat. This machine is fully automated; it will switch off after a certain time. Timer range is 0.5 hour to 9 hours.


  • wall mount electric fireplace This product is the best modern fireplace  when you want an amazing look, as it has LED display it gives you an amazing feeling.
  • The heat is distributed equally ever corner of your room.
  • Place it wherever you want, as it is very handy and user-friendly.
  • No maintenance required this wonderful product is fully automated.
  • Amazing price, you will hardly find any product within this price range.
  • This product is completely safe for use; this amazing product will never be hot as it is well coated.
  • Three levels of flame brightness, you will not get such features in any other products.
  • If you leave it to switch on, it is automatic and it will turn off automatically when the heat will reach a certain limit.


There is no such disadvantage of this product it comes at great price.

  • Product warranty is only one year which could be a problem.
  • As this product has LED technology it requires LED light, so during maintenance, you need to change it every time you go for maintenance.
  • Hardware is required as it is well mounted.




Product 4: Best Choice Products Large 1500W Heat Adjustable  Wall Mount Electric Fireplace online


wall mount electric fireplace One of the most advanced products which are developed using high-end technology. This modern fireplace has 3D flame technology which is easily controlled. It looks like fireplace online. You will get remote also to control the flame and heat. This amazing fireplace has the dual heat settings, one is 750 W and the other one is 1500W. This is one of the great products which have 2 in 1 facility. It has both the facility wall mounted and free stand. You will see stunning tempered glass and the flame is just perfect. This product is really efficient and it doesn’t emit any emission. Overall dimension of the product is 35″(L) x 6″(W) x 22″(H). Product weight is just 30 pounds. This product is really user-friendly but you just need to read the manual before you start using the product.


  • This is one of the best indoor product, gives an amazing look. It will completely change the look of your house.
  • You can buy fireplace online
  • This is the only wall mount electric fireplace which you can use it withstand.
  • The heat which is produced by the product is really comfortable.
  • This smokeless fireplace is just perfect for your dining room or for your bedroom.
  • Fireplaces are kept to enhance the beauty of your home also so if you are concerned about the look of your home then this wall mount electric fireplace will be the best choice of yours. Your guest will be really surprised to see this product.
  • This product comes in different color choices.


  • The glass may become hot so when you are using this product you should not touch it or you can keep the product out of reach of children.




Product 5: Giantex 35″ Xl Large 1500w Adjustable  Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Heater W/remote


wall mount electric fireplace This amazing wall mount electric fireplace is just too perfect for your home. It is an ideal product to keep
it in your room or in your dining place. This fireplace will give you modern look and it is completely different from any kind of traditional fireplace. This amazing product is really very easy to install and you can use it at your home or also it can be perfect for your office.

This product is energy efficient and has changed the whole definition of fireplaces. You will see the dancing flame effect, which will give an amazingly realistic look. The overall dimension of the product is 35″(L) X 22″(H) X 6″(Thick). This product has thick tempering glass which protects the heater really well. This product has the dual facility of heating it gives 750 W when you require low heat and also gives 1500 W when you require high heat.


  • This product is really large and can heat up larger dimension.
  • This is an electric fireplace; you may think that it consumes lots of power but you would be happy to know that it is 100% energy efficient.
  • This product is so amazing it doesn’t cause any pollution or it doesn’t emit and smoke.
  • This product is eco-friendly and it also cost effective.
  • Tempering glass which has been used is really thick and it will never heat up, completely safe to use. It also has overheating protection so if the product is switched on for long it will automatically get switched off.
  • It is designed to give the best flame effect you will see amazing flame which will be dancing in front of your eyes. You can have a nice get-together and enjoy most when you have this product installed in your house.


  • As this product is wall mounted you need hardware to install it.




The wall mount electric fireplace has become one of the basic amenities which every house should have. This product is just amazing you should have this product in your home; it will totally change the look of your home. These five products which are mentioned here is the top rated product. Also when you are buying any product you just need to do some basic research and also you can check the reviews so that you are able to buy the best product within your affordability. You should buy fireplace and make your home complete.