Top 5 Best indoor TableTop Fireplace Review 2017

Tabletop fireplace

Tabletop fireplace

When winter rears its chilly face, a tabletop fireplace can be the ultimate escape. Having a fireplace not only provides warmth, but also adds a cozy and homely ambience to any room. So you can sit around with your family and make the best out of winters. There are a number of fireplaces that you can choose from – wooden, electric, ethanol and the latest addition, tabletop fireplaces.

While wooden fireplaces give the most romantic and authentic touch to any room, they come with rigorous maintenance. Wooden fireplaces mean that you will always need a stock of wood handy and hence the need for a firewood storage. They are also quite expensive to install and need spacious rooms. With a wooden fireplace also arises the need to clean the chimneys every once in a while or the hearth may not work effectively. Therefore, all things considered, people are moving towards electric and tabletop fireplace that need very little maintenance while proving the same services as that of a wooden one. Many of them are remote controlled and come with display settings to add the genuine effect. They are also more cost effective as compared to traditional hearths.

Here you can see consumers’ rating and reviews:

Tabletop fireplace Rating Review
Sunnydaze Barco Bio Ethanol fireplace I have a shallow fireplace. The curved shape works really well in the space. The stainless steel is very attractive!
Ignis Ventless Bio Ethanol Cube Exactly as pictured. If you are looking for a modern, minimalist table-top fire-feature to sit around on the deck, this is the perfect solution. We eventually bought three which we have lined up along our patio as a 'wall of flames'. As others have noted it is difficult to see when the canister is full so some indication from the manufacturer as to capacity would help when refilling.
Ignis Mika Black Ceramic Tabletop Ventless Ethanol Solid product. Burns quickly, but can always fill it back up. Recommend black rather than white as it better reflects flame.
Ignis Tab Table Top Ventless Fireplace This product is a quality piece that I will definitely recommend to all my friends. It arrived in great condition well packaged and in a timely fashion. I placed it on the table in my lounge dining room area and it is the perfect addition for an evening just to have a glass of wine.
Ignis Ventless Bio Ethanol fireplace Love it looks beautiful, keeps room warm, love the ambiance, glass not to easy to clean have a stain and won't come out had to switch it around under the medal part

Why choose a bio ethanol tabletop fireplace?

tabeltop fireplaceEthanol tabletop fireplace is gaining more popularity by the day and this is greatly because of the ease with which they can be carried around. It can also be used as a décor to beautify the setting of a room. These fireplaces do not take up huge spaces, thus leaving enough room for other furniture. Therefore they are ideal for smaller rooms where space consumption matters. These can also be easily carried from one room to the other to suit your needs and are not much of a problem if you decide to change the setting of a room. This is a huge benefit as with traditional hearths, you will only have a few options for alternative décor.

Although an ethanol tabletop fireplace does not cover the whole room, it is ideal to be kept by the table where you can sit reading a book or watching television. You can just snuggle up in an armchair with a mug of hot chocolate while reading a classic. It can help you keep warm and that too in a glamorous way, irrespective of the spot where you choose to be in. What’s more? No ash, no smelling of smoke, no irritation in the eye and no having to chop wood. They also come in quite appealing designs, with a glass case through which you can see the flames dancing. This product can make you feel quite trendy and romantic, even on a cold winter’s day. Modern fireplaces mostly work on ethanol, which means clean and odorless burning.

It cuts down the need for chimneys and hearths, making them ideal for people who live in rented houses. They also come at very reasonable prices, making them a lot more affordable against other forms of heating.

Given below is the product review of 5 selectively chosen fireplaces.


  1. Sunnydaze Barco indoor tabletop fireplace

tabletop fireplaceThis indoor tabletop fireplace comes in a spotless white base with protective glass shielding. It is strictly designed for the decorative purpose and does not provide much heating. The fire can be lit continuously for a span of 2 hours and imparts a warm and relaxing ambiance to the interiors.

The base comes in an oval shape like that of a boat and has two vertical glass shields attached to it. The glass not only beautifies the overall look but also protects the flame from wind and keeps it from extinguishing. The trim, the curved finish looks great almost anywhere from the living room displays to the top of dining tables. The entire body of the indoor tabletop fireplace is 20 inches long, 8 inches deep and 10.75 inches tall and weighs a total of 9.2 pounds.

It uses tempered glass and powder coated steel to house the bioethanol fuel. The fireplace uses ceramic wool to ensure a clean and eco-friendly combustion.


  • Comes with a steel base, so you can place them anywhere without causing damage to the surface.
  • Comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • The package does not include the fuel, which needs to be bought separately.
  • The heat produced is low.




  1. Ignis anywhere fireplace

tabletop fireplaceThis anywhere fireplace has a square base and tall glass panes on all the four sides. This ensures uniform heat distribution on all the sides. The overall dimension is 11.75” by 11.75” by 11.9”. Its fuel container can store up to 0.5 liters of fuel at a time. On one refill, the combustion can last for up to 2 hours. This fireplace can provide a BTU (British thermal unit) output of 2000 units. The cubical shape looks beautiful when placed as centerpieces on a table and can also provide steady heating. It can be easily moved around from one place to the other and is sturdy enough to be placed on patios, deck or porch. This anywhere fireplace requires little or no maintenance and is a great buy given its high utility.


  • It requires no chimneys or vents.
  • Odorless burning with no ash or soot.
  • Perfect size for a portable fireplace.


  • One cannot see the level of fuel inside the storage tank. This makes refueling a little inconvenient as you can have no clue where the fuel has reached. It would help to pour the fuel slowly so that there is no flowing.





  1. Ignis mini tabletop fire pit

tabletop fireplaceThis mini tabletop fire pit has a sleek rectangular base made of stainless steel and glass panels completely covering both the sides. It can be placed over dining tables to liven up your meals. The overall dimension is 13.9” by 11” by 4.75”. The maximum capacity of the fuel tank is 0.7 liters. It is free standing and has an excellent grip, making it convenient to keep them both indoors and outdoors. On steady burning, one refill can last for up to 2 hours. The BTU output is 2000.


  • The burning is consistent and odorless.
  • The flame height is adjustable.
  • Does not leave soot marks even when the flame is set at the highest.
  • The dancing flames over the rectangular burner look soothing and relaxing. It can instantly beautify any room.


  • The level of fuel in the storage tank is not visible from outside.
  • Uses a cloth wick as opposed to ceramic wool. With this arises the need to frequently change the wick.
  • The entire set up needs to be taken apart while cleaning.





  1. Ignis Portable best tabletop fireplace

tabletop fireplaceIt comes with a protective rectangular white base and two glass panels on the sides. It comes in a medium size and is perfect for coffee tables. You can enjoy the relaxing aura radiated out by this fireplace while sipping on your coffee. This best tabletop fireplace comes in three colors – red, black and white. The size of indoor tabletop fireplace also makes it ideal to be given away as a perfect gifts. It’s much easier to be carried around as it just weighs 7 pounds. The overall size is 13.4” by 6” by 8.3”, with the tank capacity of 0.4 liters. It can provide steady burning of up to 3 hours. The product is very easy to assemble and disassemble and requires very little or no maintenance. The packaging also includes a damper along with the fireplace. Best tabletop fireplace for little apartments.


  • Elegant design
  • Safe to be operated
  • Bright flames with no smoke or carbon residue


  • Does not produce much heating





  1. Ignis Mika fire place design 

tabletop fireplaceIt comes in an eccentric design that can glamorize any corner in your house. The entire body is made of black ceramic and looks quite sophisticated. It is exclusively meant for decorative purposes, (fireplace design) is freestanding and can be placed both indoors and outdoors. It has a fuel tank that can store up to 70ml of fuel at a time. One refilling gives a burn time of 1 hour. The product has a dimension of 10” by 5.5” by 5.5” and a weight of 3.8 pounds. It comes with a 3-year malfunction and factory defect warranty.


  • A free damper tool available in the packaging
  • Occupies very little space
  • A very artistic finish
  • Ideal to zing up any place for parties and get together
  • Fireplace design


  • The ceramic body makes the product very fragile.





So, if you aren’t looking for too much heat in your room, the Sunnydaze Barco Ventless tabletop fireplace would be an ideal choice for you because not only does it add to the décor of your room, but enhances the ambiance as well. However, it is important that you first decide on which type would best suit your décor and requirements and at the same time fits your budget as well. These are very easy to use and with proper handling, they can last several years, allowing you to enjoy the coziness and comfort of your house with your near and dear ones. You can also alternate between the different fuel choices for different colored flames. Invest wisely and you can enjoy clean, odorless burning for a much longer time to come.

How to choose the best tabletop fireplaces?

A well-chosen tabletop fireplace can make your room appear warm and inviting. These little beauties come in a number of different designs and a wide price range. Listed below are a few tips and traps to make sure that you don’t have a hard time choosing one.

  • Purpose

Get clear on why you would want a  tabletop fireplace. If it is only for aesthetics, you should go for the ones with a smaller burner as this will greatly reduce the amount of fuel used. Many of these can also be fixed permanently against a wall, much like photo frames. If you are more keen on moving them around from room to room, settle for a portable one instead.

If you want it for sheer heating, then you would definitely want to consider a thing like the size of the room and the amount of heating required. They all come in different sizes and different fuel requirements. Bigger  fireplaces have a bigger burner and therefore radiate more heat. Make it a point to settle on the one which minimizes fuel consumption.

tabletop fireplace

This means that you are dealing with highly flammable fuel. Having children or pets around your home is a reason for additional safety. A fireplace should also be shielded with glass panes to avoid accidents. If toppled over or handled carelessly, these can be quite dangerous, even in the unlit condition. To make sure that your children do not reach these fireplaces, you can opt for the ones that can be fixed high up on a wall. Make sure that the screws and washers required to fix these are reliable enough. Never make the mistake of using plastic screws as they can melt off when heated.

Ethanol fireplaces use oxygen for combustion. So if you are using one in a cramped room, always make it a point to leave a window or ventilator ajar for proper air circulation. Insufficient oxygen can cause incomplete combustion leading to release of toxic gasses like carbon mono oxide, which can cause suffocation and dizziness.

  • Price

The price of a  fireplace can vary greatly from over 100 dollars to up to several thousand dollars. The price mainly depends on the company standards and the material used.  The glass used for a tabletop fireplace should be tempered and tested and the steel should be either stainless or powder coated to slow down corrosion as it constantly remains exposed to heat and fuel. Whenever you are paying for one, make sure to verify if the features of the fireplace are worth paying for. Some fireplaces may cost more given their bigger size, but they can be more or less useless if they fail to provide sufficient heating.