We all know how pulsar night vision rifle scope play an important role in our lives. For certain jobs, a pulsar night vision rifle scope can come handy anytime and anywhere. Now Pulsar is releasing a line of professional optic and electronic-optic devices or flashlights that are equipped with advanced functions and are used by experienced users generally. Now a pulsar night vision rifle scope has many works, but this company proves it that not only is it useful for hunting, night photography, thermal photos but for the safety of a person or a home itself.  Now here we are listing down five of their flashlights to choose from:


Pulsar night vision rifle scope L-808S Laser IR Flashlight:


Pulsar Night Vision Rifle ScopeThis flashlight comes with Class 1 Laser-safety which is approved by the standard IEC 60825-2007. The spots of the flashlights can be adjusted very easily ranging from Narrow to Flood beam. Both of them focus on different angles and distances. This also is equipped with a facility that lets you decide the field of view both horizontally and vertically. This can be done by changing the optical assembly. The power of the flashlight can be adjusted by rotating a wheel present beside the ON switch. In this way, you can also control the amount of illumination of a particular object. The battery life is 9 hours which is good if you are out for a whole night. Also, it is compatible with almost all the devices that are used at night time. So, with all these characteristics and more like the ability to be mounted on a tripod while hunting or night scenes make it so much better than just a normal everyday flashlight. The following are the features of the flashlight:


  1. Pulsar Night Vision Rifle ScopeRange of power adjustment: 125-250 mW
  2. Diode Type: Laser
  3. IR Wavelength: 780
  4. Power Supply: 3/ 2xAA
  5. Operating Temperature(°С): -20 to 40
  6. Weight: 16 Kgs










 Pulsar X850 IR Flashlight NV Accessory:

Pulsar Night Vision Rifle Scope This high Power illuminator will increase the brightness and the range of the night device you are using. With two mounts (a weaver mount and one ¼ socket adapter mount) included in the packaging itself, this is a great deal for you all who love to hunt and also for those who need some night time security. The spot here can be adjusted smoothly from the flood beam to narrow beam and vice versa. The narrow beam always ensures a better and longer viewing area. In this, the spot position can be easily corrected vertically and horizontally. This can be done by adjusting the optical assembly with the ring. This is very compact and amazingly light in weight. The body is made of plastic and the lens of glass. The brightness and illumination can be very well adjusted according to your liking. The output power can also be adjusted. The power is controlled by the wheel beside ON button.  This also affects the illumination of the particular object in different conditions. This comes with mounting adapters suitable for all night vision devices either for hunting or safety. This pulsar night vision rifle scope comes with another adapter that helps in attaching the light to NV units. Another great property of this light would be that it comes without Shagreen and Moire and has uniform lighting. This is very effective for perfect observations. Given here are its features:

  1. Pulsar Night Vision Rifle ScopeEquivalent IR Power(mW):30-350
  2. Diode type: LED
  3. Lens diameter(mm): 35
  4. IR Wavelength(nm): 850
  5. Power Supply: 3 (2xAA)
  6. Range of beam divergence, degree:3-9.5
  7. Rifle Mount: Weaver / 1/4″ socket
  8. Operating Temp: -20 to +40
  9. Height(mm): 52
  10. Weight(oz):8










Pulsar HD38S Thermal Imaging Scope Quantum Monocular:

Pulsar Night Vision Rifle Scope This pulsar night vision rifle scope comes with three major calibration modes: Silent Manual Mode, Automatic Mode, and Semi-automatic Mode. In the Automatic mode as it seems by the name the product captures the image on its own and the user won’t have to do anything. In the Semi-automatic mode, the user can make changes after the work is done or even while capturing. Lastly, in the Manual Mode, it all depends on the user and when they decide to press the shutter. The manual mode is used mainly while hunting and the silent nature helps in not disturbing the animals. There are different modes that help in the operation of the capturing of a picture. The major modes are City, Forest, identification, etc. There is a high refresh rate of 50Hz that helps in capturing proper images of moving things. It has a very wide range of detection because of its high resolution. This comes in a wide variety so whatever the viewer or user wishes to have can have it. The body is made of Fibreglass which in turn makes it possible for the user to carry the object in harsh and complex conditions. Also, the rubber around it ensures a great grip. It can be used in extremely low temperature like -25°C because of the frost resistant display. This also allows you to control the brightness and the contrast with a managing wheel.  This operates on rechargeable batteries and has a battery life of about 5.5 hours on fully charged mode. This also allows you to connect it to an external device to project the images. External power supplies allow you to increase the operation time. For extreme weathers, Pulsar Night Vision Rifle Scopedifferent actions can be taken for the batteries. Given below are its features:


  1. Frame Rate(Hz): 30
  2. Display Type: OLED
  3. Resolution: 640 X 480
  4. Magnification(x):1
  5. Range of Detection(m): 950
  6. Level of Protection: IPX4
  7. Weight: 0.35 Kg’s(without batteries)









Pulsar Edge Gs Super 1+ 1X20 Goggle:

Pulsar Night Vision Rifle Scope

This provides a constant quality of image all across the frame or field of view. This is all because of its incredible resolution which in comparison to others a lot of better in this. It is almost 5 times better. An object situated in any section of the frame is effectively identified because of the resolution and the precision provided towards geometry of object. Almost all the objects are illuminated properly and the image quality is super fine when compared to other devices. The Wide-angle IR illuminator provides the user with a scope of self-adjustment at many levels.  This is also an energy conserving illuminator. This is equipped with a tube protection system which ensures the proper current feed and also decreases it after the threshold level is crossed. This in turn makes it possible for the user to use highest illumination by the tube. It comes with a compact head mount that provides stability to the device and also ensures maximum proper positioning at night. This also allows the user to be hands-free. It is very convenient and simple to be used even by a new user. This can be paired along with a camouflage too. The device is very easy in terms of controlling with every single button located properly. This is also made of Fibreglass which ensures maximum durability and thus can be used in extreme conditions. This also comes with a special eyepiece that allows you to have a perfect vision with proper properties of the image in the frame. Given below are its features:


  1. Pulsar Night Vision Rifle ScopeImage Tube type: EP33-SF-U
  2. Generation: CF-Super
  3. Magnification: 1x
  4. Eye Piece (dioptre): ±4
  5. Maximum Detection Range: 90m
  6. Operating Temperature: -20 to 40
  7. Weight of the Mount:2 Kg
  8. Weight of the Unit:65 Kg








Pulsar Core FXD50 Front Attachment Thermal Sight:

Pulsar Night Vision Rifle ScopeThis pulsar night vision rifle scope can replace any night time device given its wide range of features. It is optically quick and very flexible. It is very compact and light in overall weight. This comes with a detachable eyepiece for frequent transitions between different attachments i.e. from Rifle scope to Monocular. It is strongly built and has a nice and sharp cutting edge with advanced software’s that you can rely on. Pulsar night vision rifle scope is a perfect device for night time hunting and shooting with the attachable and handy devices that come along with this. It sets the settings and features according to your compatibility and thus is a wonderful device to work with. This is compatible with almost many day time devices. The screen has the power to enhance the image quality providing comfort to the user’s eyes. External power source removes the restriction of a time bound working schedule. It can be controlled without a connected remote and thus the controller can go hands free. Last but not the least this device is waterproof which is a very important aspect of these kinds of devices. Given below are its features:


  1. Frame Rate(Hz): 50
  2. Pixel Pitch(µm): 25
  3. Display Type: OLED
  4. Range of Detection(m): 1200
  5. Battery Type: 2xCR123A
  6. Operating Temperature: -25 to 50
  7. Weight(Kg):4







Best Pulsar Night Vision Rifle Scope

Pulsar is one of the best digital night vision monocular camera After we have seen all the devices and how they work we would of course select the one that suits us the most., but it is also very important to check for all the features and if they are compatible with the devices that you already have. Whenever we buy a technical item it is important for us to thoroughly check it and then decide whatever it to be bought. According to me, the last device i.e. Pulsar Core FXD50 Front Attachment Thermal Sight would be the best buy out of all the devices listed here. I would recommend this because of its wide range of properties and the special qualities of being waterproof and compatible with devices of day and night time shooting etc. The quality this device has makes it different from that of the other devices. But it is always your pick whichever one you would prefer!