Armasight TAT216MN7PROM71 Prometheus 160 7-14x Thermal Imaging Monocular with FLIR Tau 2 160×120 (25 NM) 60Hz Core and 75mm Lens

night vision monocular

The sports, military and technology driven forces do require the imaging night vision monocular that can help them in their various routine activities.  The night vision monocular can be used to enforce 24/7 missions as they equipment is compact, durable, light weighted and is the best of the night and day engagements. One of the unique feature of the equipment is:

Thermal imaging technology: The technology helps the users to detect the opponents in snow, haze, dust, fog or any kind of atmospheric hindrance. This unique feature makes them one of the best in their fields.



  • The product weighs about 1.2 pounds and is available only in the United States.
  • The shipping weight of the equipment is 6 pounds.
  • The equipment has 2 lithium batteries included.
  • The equipment comes with a 3-year warranty and also the FLIR detector is available with 10 year warranty.



  • night vision monocularThe equipment does not emit any kind of RF rays or visible light and that makes them quite difficult to be located.
  • The equipment has a high resolution thermal imaging and also has the feature of video output attached.
  • The night vision monocular cannot be exported or available outside the United States, this is the only disadvantage attached to the equipment. This disadvantage cannot be avoided due to the international security standards. The users can enjoy the high-resolution imaging features with the best results with the new Prometheus.







FLIR Scout TS24 240×180 monocular 7.5Hz, NTSC

digital night vision monocular cameraThe camera is normally used for clicking the images and if you have one in which you can store the minute details of the images, then you are at the right resort. The FLIR Scout TS24 240×180 monocular 7.5Hz, NTSC gives you the best resolutions and makes the smallest of the images visible and sometimes paint the hottest part of the image as Red. Let’s see the unique feature of the camera:

Night Vision: The thermal vision technology of the camera makes everything visible at night in any kind of weather conditions. They are one of the best of the hunters and the wildlife conservations.




  • The weight of the camera is about 5 pounds and have the dimensions of 9 x 3 x 3 inches.
  • Rugged design: The equipment can be used in all kinds of weather conditions, for outdoor usage. The equipment can even float.
  • The equipment comes with two-sided hand straps so that both the left handed and right handed people can use them.
  • The shipping weight of the equipment is 13.2 pounds.



  • The outdoor interiors at night can be explored with this wonderful camera.
  • The best part with the equipment is that it comes with a shuttered eyepiece feature which does not alarm the animal or the surroundings to be captured at any point of time.

The night vision monocular camera, although is the best in taking the best images, but the users often complain about the poor battery life. These disadvantages can be avoided by shutting of the camera when not in use or by keeping the spares if you need to work for long hours.








Pulsar LD19S Thermal Imaging Scope Quantum Monocular

digital night vision monocular camera The camera is best for the detailed images and if you require the same for the longest detection ranges. The camera comes in 3 modes, you can operate it manually, automatically or semi- automatic too. The one of the unique feature of the camera is:

Operating modes: Depending upon the image you want in different weather conditions the camera has three kinds of operating modes and they are:




    City: This mode requires the enhanced contrast to be adjusted.

    Forest: This mode can work with lower contrast to click the images.

    Identification: This mode required the rendering of the hottest objects.


  • The equipment is light weighted and weighs only a single pound.
  • The equipment comes with OELD display and have 1.1x magnifications.
  • The equipment is powered by four AA batteries to support.


  • digital night vision monocular cameraPulsar monocular camera has the mode for the self-contained supply and the outside supply too, the user can use any one of them according to their own convenience.
  • The high resolution of the camera 384*288of microblorometer ensures that a long detection and a detailed image can be taken through the camera.
  • If you are looking or loves to take the detailed images, then it can be one of the best option to serve you well. So, do not stray around do fix your eyes on it.








Armasight N-14 HD Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular Gen 2+ High Definition

digital night vision monocular camera The Armasight is one of the night vision monocular cameras that have been waiting for a long time to give your work a look like never before. The camera can take the night visions much better than the any army units uses in its camps right now. The unique feature attached to the camera is the accessories that get along with them. Let’s have a detailed grip on them:





Accessories: The camera is attached with a whole lot of accessories like magnification lenses of 3, 5 and 8x for the users to view in the mid-range, helmets or heads mounts so that the units can wear it in the form of mono-goggle.


  • The device is compact and rugged.
  • The range of the focus of the lens is 0.25m to infinity.
  • The instrument comes with a low battery indicator and the battery life of the device is up to 60 hrs.
  • The device has a warranty of 2 years with a weight of 0.34 kg.

digital night vision monocular cameraAdvantages:

  • The device has a feature of auto brightness control which is very much useful for the units in nightly hunt.
  • The device is light weighted that why can be paired up with many cameras. And also, come with its own built in illuminator features and flood lens to work with.

The Armasight is used for the night visions, and the technology is much more advanced and can withstand the extremes of the temperatures, sandwater, etc. The military services should have a look on the features but do take care the device is not allowed to export from US. It is also a great device for hunting purposes.








Night Owl iGEN 20/20 Day/Night Vision Monocular with Image Capture (3x)

digital night vision monocular cameraThe nights are very difficult to catch and the images are also not captured as clear. For the high definition camera, some amount of light is necessary to help out. The night vision monocular device can be used during the day as well, for recording and images. The unique feature linked with the owl is its smart sensors. Let’s talk about them:

Smart Sensors: With the name the Owl is quite intelligent, and also have a 3-way switch and can be adjusted and located with the thumb. There is a scale of 10 settings to choose through. The sensors help in sharpening the image and also allows the user to train to take the detailed images.





  • The device can be used as a Tripod and the range of view is also from 16 to infinity.
  • The power of view is from 4AA batteries and the angle of view is also 12.
  • The device can reach the magnification of 2.6x.


  • The device can be used to capture the black and white images in JPEG and TIFF formats.
  • The device also has the auto off timers for the infrared emitter and power it helps the users if he fails to switch them off on time.

The night owl is one of the best instruments for the photographers, you can carry it while sailing, camping or just travelling, it can be your best friend.








The best digital night vision monocular camera

The cameras are always known for making memories, but by the time the military units have also started using them to drag out the enemies for their dens. The descriptions above, we are very much sure will help you in getting into a conclusion about which one you want for your usage. So prioritize your requirement and then Buy it out!


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