A food smoker will help you to spend a summer evening in the best way possible. It helps in making great food and brings the entire family together, in the outside yard or lawn of the house. But to make the gathering a success you need to know the tricks of using the smoker. Best food smokers can prove to be best only if you can use them in the right way. Here is how to go about it:


  • Be Patient: The process of cooking in the best food best food smokersmokers is a slow one and requires you to be patient as the food gets cooked slowly. It is the traditionally slow process of barbecue that makes the meat so soft and tender. So if you do not want your guests to have trouble chewing the food then let the process be slow. It will not only help the meat to be tender but also help the flavors to be properly absorbed.
  • Use the Right Amount of Woods: There is no point in adding excess woods as it would only make the food bitter. Add woods in such a way that they are just enough to maintain the smoky flavor of the food.
  • Choose the Right Type of Wood: Use the wood ONLY when you use smoker outdoor! Using the right amount of wood is not enough. You need to use the best wood for smoking depending on the type of food that you are cooking in the best food smoker. Apple and almond can work well with all kinds of meat. Pork and poultry should be cooked in maple wood.
  • Maintain a Constant Temperature: You are also asked to keep a constant check on the temperature so that it does not get overheated and to maintain the humidity.
  • Be Cautious: While using a propane smoker, you must also take the adequate safety measures such that your enjoyable moments do not turn into bitter ones. Remember that white smoke is good and black smoke isn’t. The vents should be open so that there is no dearth of ventilation. This will help the smoke to swirl over your food and also ensure that the smoke is clean. The smoke should flow in a gentle manner and should not gush out.

Never leave the fire unattended. Adjust the vents and add or remove charcoal as required so that the process remains safe.

  • Do Not Open the Lid: Opening the lid might cause heat and smoke to escape to be lost. So always try to keep your smoker with the lid on.
  • The Right Flavor: Wood smoker reviews suggest that to add flavors to the food you may use cider or beer instead of water in the water pan used for regulating temperature. This will make your food even better and help you to earn the admiration of your guests. It should be ensured that the right flavor dominates the taste by surpassing the others.

Keep these tips in mind, and you can become a great BBQ chef!