Portable drill guide

A drill should always be present in the toolbox of every household. Use ourĀ portable drill guide to choose the right drill set for yourself. It comes in immense use whenever there is some handy work needed around the house. Hiring a plumber is often very expensive and that is the reason why a good drill will always help. The drills used to be quite large and used to have cords that used to tangle. But new technology has given us drills that are cordless and lightweight. This helps in all the tasks that needed to be finished around the house without the help of a plumber. But before buying any cordless device we have to keep in mind some of the advises that will help us in purchasing a better device.


Points to see before buying a best hand drill:


  • Power: The power of the drill matters a lot and is crucial to its working. You will need a drill that can be of multipurpose use. The best power option for work of every kind is to have a drill between 12-18 Volts.
  • Handles: You have to make sure that your drill will have a T-shaped handle which helps in doing the work in a better way. It allows you to have better grip on the drill and has a good balance.
  • Chuck size: The chuck size decides the various drill bits that you can attach to it. The most common one is 3/8 inch but heavy duty ones may come with 1/2 inch chuck.
  • Speed: If you do not want to spend much money on the drill then you would get something with a single speed setting. But most drills will have two speed settings that you can choose from. It is crucial as such a drill can be both used for fitting screws and also making holes. If you need the drill for making holes then go for a drill with higher speed.
  • Battery and Charger: Unlike electric drills, cordless drills make the use of batteries to make them work. You will of course need a drill with enough battery life to do your job. Lithium-Ion batteries are rechargeable and do work for longer. You also have to check the charger that the battery comes with.
  • Clutch: Settings dealing with clutch are also very important as it will help you in controlling the drill in a better way. The clutch settings depend on the quality of drill that you will buy. Look for the one with more settings as it will help in controlling the drill in a better way.
  • Drill Pack: When buying a drill check out everything that it comes with. Often drill comes with basic drill bits, adjusters, battery and chargers. Properly check the features before deciding on buying a drill.


We hope that the points in theĀ best handheld power drill guide will help you in buying a good cordless drill. It is always better to read some reviews before buying a new product as it helps in knowing its satisfaction among customers. These points will surely help in choosing a good cordless drill.