Which is the best modern fireplace?

A Stainless Steel Fireplace is a traditional gathering spot for the entire family and it also provides warmth and improves the decor of any setting. Modern homes can be given the classic touch with a fireplace, strategically chosen and installed to maximize the effect. With the advancement in technology, the fireplace is now available with a variety of fuel options such as electricity, bio-ethanol and natural gas among others.

Stainless Steel FireplaceThe new best modern fireplace fuel options are cleaner and produce low pollution as compared to the traditional wood fire. With no ash, soot, dust and smoke, the modern fireplace is the preferred choice for the modern home. Additionally, there is no requirement of a chimney, and hence no need for extra labor in cleaning chimneys as well. Plus there is the risk of a fire hazard if left unattended, which is minimized to a great extent by these new technological marvels. One can preset burning conditions like temperature, intensity, and some models even make use of a timer system that switches the fire off after a certain time.

Bio-Ethanol is the cleanest fuel on the market today and combines energy efficiency, clean burning, and environment friendliness. As the fuel is made from fermented plant material, it reduces the use of fossil fuels and as the plant materials grow back, it is a renewable source of energy as well. It is highly efficient and produces an impressive amount of heat. Water, heat and a minimal amount of CO2 are the only by-products of burning Bio-Ethanol, thus there is no requirement of a dedicated ventilation system.

The best modern fireplace offers many models of fireplaces that use Bio-Ethanol as a fuel and can be mounted on walls or can be kept free standing. The SoHo Stainless Steel Fireplace is a great product that can add a classic touch to the modern home. The fireplace has been designed using modern materials like stainless steel to maintain the modern sense of art and looks really cool. The model has a hassle-free usage and maintenance properties, making the users happy and relaxed. It is ideal for use indoors and the only requirement is a flat and vertical surface with no combustible materials in a two-meter radius. It gives off a great amount of heat and can effectively heat up any decent sized room.







  • Stainless Steel FireplaceStainless Steel electric fireplace has easy and very simple wall mounting procedures.
  • Chimney or any other dedicated ventilation system is not required as it does not produce any smoke or soot.
  • Gas or electrical connections are not required as it uses Bio-Ethanol as fuel.
  • It is very cost-efficient, using a quart of fuel for 5 hours of burning, bringing the fuel costs to the same level as that of firewood.
  • No smoke, no ash, no soot and no dust means no time-consuming clean up procedures making it home friendly and a pleasure to use.
  • It is a clean apparatus producing water vapor, heat and a small amount of CO2 as by-products, thus it is suited for use in any setting without causing harm to anyone.
  • The body and frame are made from high-quality stainless steel making it easy to maintain and care for.
  • The fuel is made from recycled consumer and plant materials making it environment-friendly and renewable.
  • Ideal for walls with a brick, stone, wallpapered or tiled surface.



  • No extra construction is required to install this fireplace.
  • The best modern fireplace
  • Stainless Steel Fireplace was designed keeping the modern house in mind. The materials used in construction and the designs are helpful in accentuating and beautifying the home.
  • The fuel used is very efficient producing a large amount of heat that is able to effectively heat up a room of up to 375 sq ft. As the fuel produces water vapor and a small amount of CO2, it is very clean and needs no dedicated ventilation system or chimneys.
  • It is easy to clean up and since there is no soot or smoke, one feels relaxed upon using it.
  • The high-quality stainless steel used in construction is very sturdy and easy to maintain. The frame may get tarnished upon prolonged usage but can be easily cleaned.
  • It does not require any gas pipelines or electrical points, making it easy to install anywhere in the house.
  • The mounting hardware is included in the package and can be easily set up on any wall.
  • It features a fuel tray with a lid that allows one to control the amount of heat produced. One can adjust the opening of the lid to suit their needs and the same lid is used to extinguish the flame when not using the fireplace.



  • It cannot be recessed into the wall as it needs airflow from all sides to keep the fire burning.
  • The small size of the fireplace makes it unfit to be used in an outdoor setting.
  • The amount of heat produced is very high and is not recommended for use in small r
  • Cannot be used with any other fuel apart from Bio-Ethanol.
  • Stainless Steel Fireplace needs a vertical surface to hang, so designer walls with tilts and curves are not suited for this fireplace.
  • It cannot be setup on a wall that is covered with fabric.



The SoHo Anywhere Stainless Steel is the best modern fireplace and it is a great addition to the home and can be setup in any room with a vertical wall. Since it does not require any special construction or electrical supply and gas connections, it is easy to install anywhere. The Bio-Ethanol is a clean burning fuel that is renewable and gives off a great amount of heat. This heat renders it unsuited for use in small rooms. Apart from this slight drawback, it is a terrific appliance. The body of the fireplace is made from high-quality stainless steel that makes it sturdy and easy to maintain while looking very beautiful as well. All these features combine with many others to make it a great fireplace for use in any home.