If you are buying fireplace, you can feel cozy only sitting around it. Such types of fireplaces are only for outdoors. But, there are several other mounting options for different types of fireplace. If you are planning to buy one now, know details about the mounting option. Read on to know more:

1. Free Standing Fireplace

You don’t need to pay for complex construction and still you can get a built-in mantel with your free-standing fireplace installation. Usually, you can get this in various styles, sizes and shapes. You should know what type of material you are using for burning. Depending on that, you can mount it on wall, attach it to the ceiling, or just keep it free standing. You can utilize the mantel for other purpose too, like placing a TV on it.

2. Built-in Fireplace Insert

If you already have a fireplace or you want to install inside the cabinet, the electric in-wall installations can be used well. Electrical inserts can be found in plug-in style or hardwired. If you already have a wood-burning fireplace and want to convert into a gas fireplace, this is the best installation process you can follow.

3. Wall-mounted Fireplaces

The name says it all. Yes, this fireplace is mounted at wall. This type of installation is perfect for indoors as well as for outdoors, especially for the places that require additional warmth. You can connect this type of fireplace to the chimney of your house, so that the harmful fuel goes out. You can go for built-in mantel while buying wall-mounted fireplaces, else you can customize it according to the interior decoration of the rest portion of your room.

4. Tabletop Fireplaces

This fireplaces looks adorable, but these are mainly for outside. If you are arranging a small gathering at your patio and want to keep it warm and cozy, lighting a tabletop electric fireplace will be the best option.

So, these are the mounting options for fireplaces. You can install indoor or outdoor, but always pick a product that suits the personality of your house. Go now and buy the best one for you.