Wall mount fireplace are perfect as well compared to tabletop fireplace

The wall fireplace compared to tabletop fireplace is one of the great and useful products especially if you are staying in a place where the temperature is really less. There are different fireplaces available in the market. An electric fireplace is one of the best fireplaces to use. If you use wood burning fireplaces it releases hazardous agents which are harmful to the human body at the same time when you use electric fireplace it doesn’t produce any smoke or any ashes. Electric fireplaces are extremely efficient and this is the ultimate solution when you are looking for something which gives you amazing temperature controlling device. Using wall fireplace, you wall mounted electric fireplacecan easily make the room temperature cozy and pleasant. If the weather is too cold or freezing, then this product will definitely help you to balance the temperature. Gibson Living Linear fireplace is a great attraction as it gives your home amazing look.  This amazing fireplace gives you the best look. If you are like table fireplace where you will see the wooden log, this product is one of the amazing product which will give you traditional look as it has log placed in the fireplace just to give you the exact feeling. The electric fireplace works in both modes with heat effect and non-heat effect. If you just want to see the dancing flame and doesn’t want any heat, then you can use the mode can easily change it. Wall  fireplace come in many different price ranges and this is some kind of product which worth your money. You will never regret buying Gibson Living Linear fireplace as it serves all your purpose also gives your home modern look. If you use electric fireplace it requires minimum efficiency, so if you are planning to buy any fireplace then you must buy Gibson Living Linear  fireplace.


Features and specifications:

A product feature is something which is really very important to check. Before you buy any product you really need to check the product specification so that you can buy the best product which has almost all the facility available.

  • wall mounted electric fireplaceProduct Dimensions: 72″W x 5.5″D x 21.7″H.
  • the weight of the product is 55.1 pounds.
  • Gibson Living Linear fireplace is wall fireplace so when you want to place the product you need to see the place and also you need hardware to install it.
  • This amazing fireplace can be controlled by remote, you can easily regulate the heat and flame.
  • When you are placing this product no gas pipe or chimney is required. As it doesn’t produce any smoke.
  • This fireplace can be assembly easily.


This fireplace has amazing advantages; you can check the following advantages which will help you to know more about the product.

  • Gibson Living Linear wall mount electric fireplace is the perfect product to keep it any room of your house. It perfectly fits your dining room or bedroom.
  • This fireplace will completely change the look of your home.
  • If you want pleasant ambiance, then this fireplace will produce the best warmth and amazing heat so that people around it can really enjoy.
  • This fireplace can perfectly heat up 400 sq. ft. room.
  • This product is ensured under product warranty.
  • This wonderful fireplace has 3 easily controllable facilities to control the heat and flame.
  • This is one of the modern product which
  • This product has an automatic shut off facility, if you leave the product switched on for a long time it will get turned off after some time.
  • Gibson Living Linear fireplace is completely vent free and perfectly fits any traditional or modern room.
  • This amazing features just need electricity connection, it doesn’t require any gas or wooden log.
  • This fireplace makes the ambiance comfortable so that people can sit and have nice chat. It can be used throughout the season.
  • Gibson Living Linear fireplace is made using high-end technology so it is fully automated.
  • This product is also safe and eco-friendly. It is fully covered so if you touch the product also mistakenly you will never feel it is hot.
  • Gibson Living Linear fireplace uses electricity so you may feel that it takes consumes lots of electricity but you will be really very surprised to know that it is one of the best energy saving product and uses very less electricity.


  • Every product has its own advantages and disadvantages, so when you know the flaws about the product then you will easily be able to choose the best product- wall mounted or tabletop fireplace.
  • This product is bit heavy so you may face difficulties when you are shifting it from one place to another.
  • This fireplace is wall mounted so you require hardware to install it.


If you are planning to buy any product you should always do research so that you have good knowledge about the product and also you can buy the product that worth your money. You need to check few things when you buy any product you can check operational cost, efficiency of the product, warranty period and also how much maintenance is required. One of the most important things which you should check is reviews. If you check reviews, then you will really be able to understand whether the product is good or not. Gibson Living Linear wall fireplace is a really amazing product; you will never regret using this fireplace. It can fit traditionally designed a room or also can fit any modern room. This product is the perfect product which increases the view of your room and if you are planning for arranging any get together then this fireplace will be the attraction point where people will love to join and have some fun around the fireplace. Gibson Living Linear fireplace is really on demand and every buyer would prefer to buy this product. The price of the product is just 899.99 USD more expensive compared to the best tabletop fireplace. This fireplace is just amazing and the price of the product is also affordable. You must buy this product as it comes in great quality and also in affordable price.