Linear fireplace electric?


If you want to give your apartment modern look then you must keep Wall  linear fireplace electric at your home. It keeps your home warm and gives you cozy environment where you can spend amazing time with your family and friends. Fireplace can be placed anywhere at your home; it will completely change the look of your home. Using this fire place is really simple.

There are different types of fireplace so before you buy any fireplace you must know all the features. Wall  Bio ethanol fireplace is one of the best choices as it has many special features and it is eco-friendly. Chelsea Model in Black – linear fireplace electric will completely change the whole look of your home. This product is really in demand for its amazing facilities. Ethanol fire place has completely changed the definition of fire place as it has come up with such amazing features.

Wall Mount Bio Ethanol fireplaceEarlier fireplace was functioned using electricity or wood. If you use ethanol fireplace the maintenance is minimal and also it reduces the cost. Electric fireplaces consume lots of energy and if you don’t have electricity at home you will not be able to use fireplace. But if you choose this marvelous Chelsea Model in Black – Wall Bio-Ethanol fireplace it doesn’t require electricity to produce heat and light so if you don’t have any electricity then also you can use it. Fireplaces are available in many different designs and styles. Fireplaces are available in different price ranges; prices are really reasonable. Fireplace is such kind of thing which you can use years after years. It’s just one time invest which can give you many things at a time. You should buy Chelsea Model in Black –  Bio-Ethanol fireplace which will complete your lounge at home.




When you plan to buy any product you should always check out features so that you can buy the right fireplace for your home. This amazing fireplace is just perfect for your home.

  • Wall electric fireplace is just perfect to have you at your home. The product dimension is 5 x 5.5 x 19 inches and product weight is 23 pounds. You can easily carry it where ever you want.
  • The burner which is used in this fireplace is made of steel which is high heat resistant. The whole fireplace is covered with glass.
  • This product is just too perfect if you are staying in such areas where temperature is really low. It can balance the temperature in minimum time.
  • This product is ventless it doesn’t require chimney.
  • It only uses bio ethanol which is eco-friendly and never produces smoke or toxins.
  • It takes very less time to produce heat and to create the great atmosphere.
  • The whole fireplace is designed such a way that all the parts can be assemble or separate it very easily. So you can place it anywhere you want and as the assembling process is really easy you can easily install it anywhere at your home.
  • This fire place is auto cleaned so you really don’t have to do much work when you want to clean. As this fire place doesn’t require wood to produce fire it doesn’t produce ashes so cleaning is really easy task.



  • Wall Mount Bio Ethanol fireplaceThis fire place is made of high quality material so it doesn’t get heated if you use it for long time. You may sometime forget and accidentally you may touch it, but you can be very sure that nothing will happen as it has high heat resistant quality.
  • It can be placed anywhere at your home as it is very handy. It can be used for larger audience group. Each and every person can enjoy the same environment as the heat is equally distributed.
  • Chelsea Model in Black –  Bio-Ethanol fireplace comes in decent price which is really affordable by common people. You can really enjoy luxury at fewer prices which is really very pleasant. If you seek for comfort during winter, then this is the product which can be your life savior.
  • The best part is you really don’t have to worry about whether you have electricity at home or not, one ethanol gas cylinder is sufficient enough to keep the fire on for many hours.
  • This fireplace can be regulated so you can easily increase or decrease the flame. Based on your requirement you can just regulate the heat and the heat is equally distributed across the place.
  • As there is no smoke or ashes the cleaning processes is really easy, you really don’t have to clean anything as it is automated.
  • Chelsea Model in Black –  Bio-Ethanol comes under warranty period. You really don’t have to think twice before if you have any doubt about the product service or quality. Your product will definitely be replaced if you found any problem.



If you check the cons of the linear fireplace electric you will understand whether you can buy the product or not.

  • You may also feel the product is bit pricey but it is fully automated and you really don’t have to do anything when you use this product.
  • If you are a person who loves to change the place of your belongings, then it can be really difficult as the weight of the product is 23 pounds.
  • As ethanol gas is used to produce the fire you have to always check whether do you have the gas present at your home or not. If it is not available, you will not be able to use as there is no alternative way to use the product.



Chelsea Model in Black –  linear fireplace electric is really a very good product which every customer should buy whoever is looking for fireplace. This new generation fireplace will just blow your mind with some amazing features. This product will definitely serve all your purposes. It is one of the modern day’s fireplaces which every smart home should have. Many customers have given their valuable positive feedback.