Fireplace for indoor use 

If you are staying in a place where the Fireplace is an integral part of your daily need then Nu-Flame Estro Fireplace is something which you would definitely want to buy. The fireplace makes the ambiance of your room more relaxing. Nowadays indoor fireplace is designed such a way that it increases the beauty of your living room. Fireplaces can be used for many purposes; you can use it for heating, cooking or heating water also. There are many advantages and it has become one of the favorite amenities. It is designed such a way so that it makes the look perfect for your home. If the temperature is really low, you can get cozy and warm air only from a fireplace. The fireplace always offers a joyful place so that people can gather around to spend amazing time with their friends and family. Also a fireplace doesn’t require electricity; it produces fire from bio-ethanol fuel. So if a storm hits and there is no electricity, fireplace will be the most useful thing. You must definitely install fireplace in your home which will make your home a perfect and complete home. You will really love sitting in front of this amazing fireplace and enjoy the dance of fire without any more pollution.

Features and specification

Modern Tabletop FireplacePeople love  fireplaces as they are one of the greatest elements in your home. If you are planning to buy a home, you should always look for such home which has a place to put one of these. Nu-Flame Estro Fireplace has quite exciting and advantageous features.

  • You will see most of the fireplaces are quite heavy and it is really difficult to move from one place to another but it is movable you can place it where ever you want. Also, you can carry it along with you if you are traveling somewhere.
  • The capacity of the burner is quite big and but the shape or the size of the product is not so huge so it can be placed wherever you want. This modern day’s fireplace can also be used as a home decorative item which suits your living area as well as your bedroom.
  • If you are bothered about the safety of this particular fireplace you really don’t have to worry as it is fully protected with high-quality glasses, so that you get the heat without any chance of physical damages or accident.
  • The main attraction of this marvelous fireplace is that it is made such a way that it doesn’t require any external power supply. It burns by just using simple ethanol which creates the flame just by refilling.
  • This amazing Ethanol fireplace is fully automated and you can even regulate the flame, which is an amazing facility. You can easily control the room temperature which is an amazing thing.


The fireplace is one such thing which gives your house an amazing outlook as well as fulfills the need to get comfort during cold days.

  • When you use  fireplace it is really efficient and it can be installed easily. Also, the maintenance is really minimal. You don’t have to clean the fireplace.
  • This amazing fireplace is designed such ways that you can easily control the flame height or the heat.
  • The best part is the product is really secured and falls under warranty so you really don’t have to worry about the product getting damaged or of there is any problem. Nu-Flame is one of the well-known names in the market so you will never get disappointed.
  • The flame which is generated  is very much controllable and also emits the minimal amount of smokes and almost negligible percentage of gasses which may harm your body. To make sure that your family is staying within a comfortable wall you must put the fireplace at the right place hence Nu-Flame Estro fireplace comes with a great portability. Now you can adjust your portable fireplace anywhere within your house.

Tabletop fire bowl can be a great alternative, if you like more heavy and handcrafted product


Every product has its own pitfalls, so when you are planning to buy any fireplace you can always prioritize your list so that it helps you to choose the right product also it will help to know the cons of the product. These fireplace is really liked by its users but here you can see the possible cons before you buy it.

  • Nu-Flame Estro is a great product there is no such disadvantage. But you may feel the product is bit pricey. Nu-Flame Estro fireplace uses gas to produce the fire, so it is a bit costly compared to other types of fireplaces. But if you want some kind of fireplace where you don’t require much human intervention then this is the right product for you. You may you might have to pay little extra but so far quality concern you really don’t have to worry as you will be getting the best product.
  • If you use gas fireplace you might not get the same feeling as it comes from ceramic log fireplace.


This are hot selling tabletop fireplace products, a customer who has used this product has given good feedback, they are really happy using this fully automated product. It will make your life really easy, you really don’t have to worry about anything when you are using fireplace as the product is made of latest technology. If you want to buy any fireplace you can always do a little bit of research and this product will always be your first choice as it has all the features available. You will definitely like this amazing fireplace. This amazing product is not only the latest modern day’s fireplace it is also the new era of smart home amenities and furniture which consumes conventional power.