Anywhere fireplace


Finding the perfect fireplace for your patios can be quite a challenge. Such fireplaces usually remain exposed to various elements of nature. Therefore, if they are not resistant enough, they can easily wither away. For patios, you would need something of a more sturdy built, while remaining stylish all the way – anywhere fireplace. This is the very reason why the Artisan Crafted Firebowl would be the perfect choice. This tabletop fire bowl comes in a handcrafted cast with a marble finish. It comes in a marble grey color and weighs a hefty 40 pounds. This ensures that it can provide quite a large amount of heat and does not run the risk of getting toppled over.

Although wooden hearths may also be a convenient alternative to fireplaces, there are quite a number of downsides to it. Firstly, a wooden hearth means that there will be a lot of ash and smoke. Constantly burning fire means that you also need to have a huge stock of firewood in hand, which can in fact be quite expensive, given the soaring price of firewood and low supply. Secondly, it needs a volunteer to constantly stay near and add firewood. This may not very pleasant if you are looking to spending more quality time with the people around you. Thirdly, cleaning is a humongous task. Wooden hearths need tabletop fire bowlway more maintenance as compared to propane powered fireplaces.

Although many portable fire bowls are also designed for outdoor use, many of them use glass in their design. a less than perfect grip can easily cause these to fall down and break. Also, such fireplaces are mainly for decorative purpose and do not give out much heat. Given that they are much tinier as compared and anywhere fireplace , they may come out as quite useless on the outdoors.






In fact, there is no reason as to why anyone should hesitate from getting a propane powered fire bowl. They come at quite a reasonable price and in the long run, you will be saving quite a lot of money as well. The Long Burning Artisan Crafted propane fueled tabletop fireplace comes in a marble cast. Under proper care, these can last decades if not centuries. They are also very easy to use and clean, apart from the fact that they look great during night parties.



  • The main tabletop fire bowl is made out of stone and has a marbleized finished
  • The burner is made of steel and therefore resistant to high temperatures
  • The firebowl is powered by propane gas
  • The bowl is attached to a propane cylinder by a hose that is placed under the base of the bowl
  • It is designed by skilled artisans. Given the fact that it is handmade, it adds an artistic touch apart from providing warmth during chilly weather conditions. it can be a great showoff during gatherings.
  • The bowl comes with fire rated rocks for decoration
  • The entire set up is very easy to assemble and tear down.
  • You don’t have to take apart all the pieces during cleaning. Therefore, the cleanup process is completely hassle-free.



  • tabletop fire bowlThe anywhere fireplace does not get heated even on prolonged use. So no risk of burning yourself if you happen to touch it by accident.
  • The diameter of the tabletop fire bowl is roughly 20 inches. This means that it can provide enough heating even for huge crowds
  • The sturdy marble used for the bowl ensures that it can battle strong winds and maintain a strong stance even during windy weather
  • The tabletop fire bowl is handcrafted by the finest artisans. It can add a refined and elegant touch to any setting
  • It very long lasting table top fireplace
  • The firebowl can be covered with decorative fire tested rocks that come together with the bowl. This adds a quirky and eccentric twist to the home décor.
  • The intense blazing flames can make your patios look really warm and welcoming.
  • The propane regulator can be adjusted to increase or decrease the fuel supply so as to adjust the flame height
  • As the tabletop fire bowl uses propane, the combustion is an entirely clean process. You will not have to worry about smelling of smoke for hours afterward. No ash and no soot even on high flames
  • The round design ensures that heat is evenly distributed all around the fireplace
  • The bowl durable materials. Therefore, under proper care, they can give a good lasting.
  • Unlike ethanol fireplaces, these do not have an internal storage tank. This can be advantageous as it cuts down the need to refill frequently
  • It can replicate the ambience of a bonfire. You can very well sit around it chatting and roasting marsh mallows.



  • Lightweight tables may give way under the weight of these huge fire bowls. Although many people have used it over glass tables without causing any damage, you should definitely make it a pint that your tables are strong enough to bear the great weight.
  • The bowl comes with an opening at the base for the fuel hose. The furniture used as a stand should be in accordance to this design of the bowl
  • These may cause a little trouble if you are someone who constantly likes to change the décor. The firebowl weighs a good 40 pounds. Shifting the bowl all by yourself may not be a very good idea.



The artisan crafted anywhere fireplace is entirely handcrafted. It may be the perfect pick for people who have an inclination towards art. Being made entirely out of stone, it is quite durable. The firebowl may be great if you are looking at something that can give a good lasting while not going out of trend too soon.

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