Which Type of Water Heater is the Best for Your Home?

Hot water is one of the most basic needs in cold countries. Only one day without hot water seems like impossible. People use hot water for many different tasks, like for bathing, dishwashing, cloth washing, and also for cleaning. The technological growth has offered many good options in water heaters. Today you can choose from four types of water heaters. Those four types of water heaters are explained below.

Storage tank water heaters:

The storage tank water heaters are being used for many decades. This kind of water heaters includes an insulated water storage tank. The water is heated in the storage tank and stored to get a constant supply of hot water for regular household works. The water storage tank comprises a pressure relief valve that releases pressure as it reaches 15o PSI. The conventional water heaters are in use for many centuries, but now people need much improved water heating solutions. People want energy efficient and environment-friendly heating solutions, which only the water heater provides.

Electric Water heaters:

The tankless water heaters are certainly the best for residential water heating needs. As the name suggests, there is no tank required to heat water. The cold water directly enters in the heating chamber and then heated by gas or electric element. It takes only a few minutes to heat the water and then it is released from the taps. Numerous people are looking for the water heater because they do not want to waste their money on expensive power bills. The tankless water heater is also famous as the on demand water heater. It has got this name because it starts heating water on the user’s demands. You don’t need to fill a large tank with water and heat it for regular indoor use. Just turn on the water heater and get heated water quickly whenever you need.

Heat pump:

The heat pumps are new in comparison to the new on demand tankless water heaters. This kind of water heaters absorbs heat from the air or from the earth and then transfers that heat to water. Of course, the heat pumps are up to 60% more power-efficient than electric water heaters. However, the installation cost and purchase cost of this kind of water heaters are a lot more than the tankless water heaters. Every homeowner cannot afford this type of water heaters.

Solar water heaters:

Many people have bought and installed the solar water heaters above their home. This type of water heaters heats up water by using the heat of the sun. These are probably the most power-efficient water heaters, but again their overall cost is too expensive. You should go for the solar water heater, if you are ready to invest a considerable amount.

By assessing all the features of different types of water heaters you can clearly analyze that the tankless water heaters are the best for residential use. You will never worry about power bills and hot water demands, if you are using the water heater.