Best Tankless Electric Hot Water Heater Buying Guide:


Those days are gone while fuel-fired water heating was the only solution for hot water. The electric water heating solutions have made people’s life more convenient and reduced the expenses over fuel. You should not consider only the cost because some electric water heaters may seem more expensive than fuel fired water heating. The traditional fuel fired water heaters create a lot of pollution, takes a long time to heat water, and causes many other troubles. The electric water heaters are designed to provide a constant supply of water heater in domestic and commercial places.


Tankless water heater:

There are many types of best electric water heaters for indoor use are available in the market. The tankless water heater is getting a huge response from buyers. In fact, many users have said that it is the best device to produce hot water anytime you want. The tankless water heaters are also called on-demand water heaters. This type of water heaters heats only when you require the hot water. There is no need to install a large storage tank to store a lot of hot water. You can turn the tankless water heater on and get hot water within a few minutes.

The tankless water heaters have been in use for several years. Not all the people were aware about the benefits of this amazing device, but now people are switching to them and tankless water heater are on demand now The best electric tankless water heater can offer an impressive service of about 20 years. It is obviously much longer than traditional tank-type water heaters. You will never worry about tank leaks and water damage in your property. The tankless water heater will keep your property safe and supply hot water constantly for many years. Many brands offer this kind of water heaters. We have reviewed the top rated electric tankless water heaters in this post. You must check those reviews to ensure you are buying the best water heater for your home.


Best electric tankless water heater reviews:

There are many great variants in the electric tankless water heater. We have picked top five by considering all the necessary factors. We have mentioned all the features and drawbacks of these water heaters to help you in choosing the best.



  1. EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater:

best electric tankless water heater The ECO 27 is one of the best selling electric tankless water heaters at the present time. It is also one of the largest among all the top rated electric tankless water heaters. Therefore, it would be a great choice for constant supply of hot water at a great flow rate. It is equipped with EcoSmart’s patented self modulating technology. You should buy it and use it, if you live in cold climate areas. This water heater can heat up to 3 gallons per minute, even in colder climate areas. You will never run out of hot water, whether you are using two showers at the same time. This water heater will supply hot water at the same flow rate.

Its key features include:

electric tankless water heater reviews

    • It reduces the water heating cost up to 50%
    • Available with the digital temperature control feature. You can easily control the water temperature according to your needs.


  • Built from copper and stainless steel components to be durable, efficient, and a long-term serving water heater.
  • Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for small apartments.

It is our top pick because of all these features.









  1. Rheem RTEX-13 240V Heating Chamber Residential Tankless Water Heater:best electric water heater

Rheem is a renowned water heating solution provider in the USA. The RTEX-13 is the best selling tankless water heater from this brand. This water heater offers all those modern features for which the electric tankless water heaters are famous. This small size water heater can provide a constant supply of hot water without consuming a lot of power. It can be the best electric tankless water heater for you, if you are planning to cut power bills.


The key features of Rheem RTEX-13 include the following:

  • Equipped with an LED display that allows you to adjust the water temperature digitally. Rheem is promising +/1 degree accuracy.
  • There are two copper immersion heating elements are installed in this water heater to make it more durable and effective.
  • Installation is pretty simple. You get a 3 foot electric cable along with ½ NPT adapters.
  • This water heater is 99.8% power efficient and therefore it will allow you to save more on electricity charges.
  • Designed to get installed and replaced easily.

This water heater releases hot water at impressive flow rates. The water flow rates for different devices would be different; therefore you must check it before placing the order.









  1. Marey ECO110 220V Self-Modulating 11 kW, 3.0 GPM Multiple Points of Use Tankless Electric Water Heater:


best tankless hot water heater



It is a small size tankless hot water heater, designed especially to be used at the southern states of the USA. It is equipped with German-designed, top-quality stainless steel water channel and heating chamber. You may find it amazing, but it is the only electric water heater that is equipped with all the corrosion resistant components. When it comes to power efficiency, this water heater consumes 60% less power than other water heaters. It will reduce the heating cost and meet all your demands of hot water.



Notable features:

  • Equipped with an LED display to offer digital control. Heat the water at the required temperature by using digital keys.
  • This water heater can provide a constant supply of hot water at a rate of 1.3 gallons per minute in tankless water heater reviewstwo water release points.
  • Built from German-designed stainless steel, therefore it is durable and a reliable water heater.

You will need a professional plumber’s help to install this water heater because installation is a bit tricky. Marey is assuring 98% efficiency throughout the life of this water heater and therefore it can be a great choice for your home.










  1. Marey Power Pak Plus Good Tankless Electric Water Heater review:

best tankless water heater



It is another great electric tankless water heater from Marey. We have included it in this list because of its water heating efficiency. It is a small size unit, but supplies hot water in two release points at 1.48 gallons per minute. If you do not have enough space to install a large water tank and water heater in your apartment, buy the Marey Power Pak Plus tankless electric water heater. It will cover a very small area, but it will meet your regular demands of hot water.



The key features include:

hot water heater reviews


  • Adjustable temperature control and water flow control.
  • It requires very small pressure to get activated.
  • The water temperature can rise up to 39°F.
  • Equipped with a water filter to prevent water contamination and provide pure and pollutant-free water.

This water heater weighs only 7 pounds and therefore installation would be very easy for you.









  1. Rheem RTEX-36 240V 4 Heating Chambers Residential Tankless Water Heater:

best electric tankless water heater reviews


You might be wondering why only two or three brands have got place in this list. The reason is their performance, power efficiency, and impressive water flow rate. The RTEX-36 is another impressive choice that comes with external digital thermostatic control and an LED display.




The key features of this water heater include:

  • Self modulating technique.
  • Equipped with 4 durable copper immersion heating elements.
  • Designed to last longer with corrosion resistant internal components.

Rheem is one of the leading water heater selling brands in the USA. It is our fifth pick as the best electric tankless water heater because it is not suitable for large families. It releases hot water at a good flow rate only through two water outlets. If you are using the washing machine, shower, and dishwasher simultaneously, you may not get a great flow of water. In addition, Rheem takes a long time to ship the water heater in other countries. You can choose this water heater, if you are in the USA and need the water heater within a few days.








How does it work?

This product will make your home more energy efficient and Eco friendly. The Tankless water heaters work in a pretty simple way. Hence there is no storage tank, these water heaters heat water directly. All you need to do is turn on the tap and cold water will pass through a pipe into the water heater. Now an electric heating element will heat the water and release it through the tap. The process is very simple and very effective. The tankless water heaters can offer a constant supply of hot water throughout the day. You will never wait for the storage tank to get filled up with a lot of water. The electric tankless water heater will provide hot water whenever you want to do the dishes, take bath, or for other demands.

The water output flow rate of tankless water heaters varies. Some water heaters can release the water at a rate of 8 liters per minute and some water heaters can release hot water at a rate of 15 liters per minute. So, you will not wait so long, get hot water quickly, and then use it. That’s why the electric tankless water heaters are in high demand.


Types of tankless electric water heater:

Please use our reviews to identify the ideal type of water heater you need for your needs. You can get two types of tankless electric water heaters in the market – small size water heaters and large water heaters. Smaller units are typically installed in or around the water faucet. The smaller units are perfect for avoiding heat loss through the pipes and save more energy. The large size tankless electric water heaters are perfect to meet the hot water demands of the whole house. Suppose you want to get hot water for cooking, bathing, dishwashing, and other needs, you should install a larger unit.

You can also use multiple small size tankless hot water heaters to supply hot water all around the house. This solution may seem expensive, but you will save more power and there will not be heat losses. It is quite strange that the tankless electric water heaters offer so many benefits, but still numerous people rely upon conventional storage tank water heaters. Many people do not know about the benefits of using a tankless water heater otherwise they could quickly switch to this new water heating solution.


Considerable benefits of tankless electric water heater:

A lot of features make tankless water heaters the best heating equipment. Some noticeable benefits are as follows.

  • Power efficiency:

If you are buying the best electric tankless hot water heater, you can reduce the water heating cost up to 30%. This type of water heaters is widely chosen by families because they want to save some extra bucks on monthly electricity bills. You might not believe it, but water heater increases the total heating cost up to 20%. That’s why people need to pay expensive electricity bills. You can try the electric tankless water heater and then see the difference between the previous electricity bills and the new bills.

  • Convenient:

The electric tankless water heater can supply hot water in the whole house. Though you will require a larger unit, you will get hot water for dish washing, washing machine, in the bathroom, and also for cleaning job. It works pretty fast, and therefore you can get hot water within a few minutes. The modern variants of tankless water heater are designed to supply hot water almost immediately. Although smaller units can used only for kitchen or set in the bathroom. Therefore, people are now replacing their old gas tankless water heaters with the electric water heaters.

  • No wastage of water and no property damage:

The biggest issue with the storage tank is the leakage. It is possible that the tank may not leak for a few years, but after that it will start leaking. Consequently, there will be a lot of moisture around the tank, the leakage water will damage your property, and the water will get cold faster. There is no such issue with the best electric tankless hot water heater. You get hot water on demand. The water heater will supply hot water directly through the taps, so there will be no waste of water and no chance of property damage.

  • Digital control:

The conventional water heaters do not come with a digital display in which you can check the water temperature. People open the tap and then check how hot the water is. Suppose the water gets too hot, it will burn your hands and that would be a terrible experience with the tank storage water heater. You should not let it happen to you or any of your family members. Install the electric tankless water heater, which comes with the digital display. You can set a specific temperature at which you can heat up water. Thus, there will be no danger of burning hands.

  • No waste of space:

The storage tank water heaters require a lot of free space. You need free space to install the tank and other arrangement. It is not possible to install a large tank in small homes. Therefore, people heat up water many times a day to finish the household works. Such issues never occur when you have the best electric tankless water heater. This water heater requires a very small space. You can install it anywhere and get hot water anytime you need it. It is a perfect water heating unit for small families.

  • It is eco-friendly:

Do you want to reduce your environmental footprints? You should switch to the tankless electric water heater, if the answer is yes. The electric water heaters do not produce greenhouse gases. It means, you can participate in making this planet cleaner and better for all the people and creatures. You will not burn any fuel, you will not waste a lot of power in heating water, and therefore you will heat water in an environment friendly way. You may not stop driving your car, but at-least you can reduce the fuel consumption by trying this advanced water heating solution to reduce your environmental footprints.

  • You can control it remotely:

If you are away from your kitchen or bathroom, you can still turn on the electric tankless water heater remotely. You can set the required temperature and then start heating water before opening the taps. It will be very convenient and an advanced solution for a modern home.

All of these benefits prove how an electric tankless water heater can change your life. You will save your money, get a constant supply of hot water, and there will be no water leakage at all. Therefore, you must buy this water heater.


Things to consider while buying an electric tankless water heater:

Now you might be planning to buy the electric tankless water heater because it is the best water heating solution. You will not face so many troubles in finding some good models. There are so many great options and all of them seem perfect. However, you want the best electric tankless water heater and you can buy it if you check a few important things.

  • Determine water flow rate:

You should consider the number of devices you want to use before choosing the electric tankless water heater. It will help you in determining the ideal flow rate of the water heater. The flow rate is usually measured as gallons per minute and you can clearly check it online while buying the water heater. Suppose you want to get hot water in the kitchen faucet at the rate of 1 gallon per minute and in the shower at 2.5 gallons per minute, you should shortlist a water heater that can provide the required flow rate in the kitchen faucet and shower simultaneously.

  • Determine the temperature rises:

Some people want hot water and some need lukewarm while taking shower, washing dishes, and using the washing machine. The tankless water heater manufacturer knows it and therefore they provide water heater with different temperature rises. You can recognize an ideal temperature rise by subtracting the incoming water temperature from the required output temperature. That’s how you will get the exact unit to identify an ideal water heater with the required temperature rises.

  • What should be the size of the best tankless hot water heater


While you are looking for the best electric tankless water heater reviews, ensure it can supply enough hot water to meet the hot water demands of your family. However, the size does not matter a lot because there will be no storage tank. All you need to check is the water flow rate. If the water heater can supply hot water to all the required devices at a good flow rate, it is an ideal choice. Do not make a mistake of buying a tankless water heater with a poor flow rate. It will frustrate you because you will have to wait longer.

  • Check the warranty before you place the order:

The electric tankless water heaters are designed to last for a very long time. Though it is an equipment, technical issues can arise anytime. You would not like to pay expensive charges for a technician for repairing the water heater. Therefore, you should buy a best hot water heater that comes with a long-term warranty. It would be great, if you get the replacement warranty because thus you can send back the problem causing unit and install a new one.

You will never make a mistake of buying a poor quality tankless electric water heater if you check all the given things. If you do not have that much time to consider all these things, you should check the best electric tankless water heater reviews and you will find a perfect water heater for your home.



All of these five water heaters are reliable. You can choose any one of these five to get a long-lasting service. All the reviewed brands offer excellent customer support. You will get a professional technician to repair or replace the malfunctioning water heater, if any issue occurs. There are also other tankless water heaters which you can check. However, you cannot be sure about their performance and service.