Best wireless portable fish finder sale reviews 2017

wireless portable fish finder

Lowrance 000-12635-001 Hook-3X Sonar, W/ 83/200 XDCR 

portable fish finder

wireless portable fish finderThe Lowrance Best wireless portable fish finder is one of the instruments that have been used in detecting the fishes in the river and ponds, it helps in making the work of the fisherman and the people who look forward to enjoying their trip by hunting fish in the abandon waters.

Let’s see the unique features that are displayed by the instrument:

  1. ASP: Advanced signal Processing, this system helps in reducing the need to manually adjust the fish, finding and this tool makes the search more refined.
  1. Display: The instrument comes with the backlit display of 3-inch screen that helps you to see in bright sunlight and them the resolution of the screen of 320 *240 helps in viewing through various angles.


  1. The instrument weighs around 2 pounds and the shipping cost of the package will be around 2.4 pounds only.
  2. The instrument can only be shipped in the US, it is not allowed to be taken outside the United States.
  3. The respective fish finder does not come with any warranty, although you can also look for some by writing to the manufacturer.


  1. The instrument comes with the Lowrance service program to help you at the time of usage and in taking most out of the training program too.
  2. The Lowrance instrument has been one of the fish finders that has been known for its broadband sounder to let you know how the fish is, structure details, bottom contours etc.
  3. With the help of dual frequency between 80 Hz to 200 Hz, the view beneath the boat is also maximized.

The wireless portable fish finder have a great brand value and this is why the people have been waiting for this updating version for a long time. If you are the one that is looking forward to finding the one of the best instruments to hunt the fish, then you can go with this one as it is one of the best with the updated technology and features and have been serving many clients for many years too.




Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+, 2.55″, Black portable fish finder

wireless portable fish finder The wireless portable fish finder is one of the smallest tools, but is considered to be quite effective in the implementation and is very easy to use. The device is portable and can be used in various platforms of mobile like IOS and android both.


Let’s see the unique features the device have for the users:


  1. Salt and plain water adaptation: The instrument works well in both the waters and it doesn’t matter to them if the water is too salty or plain, it works fine in both.
  2. Wi-Fi mode: The instrument is Wi-Fi enabled and can be used to transfer the accurate data from the mobile or tablets from the device by using the connection.


  1. The wireless portable fish finder is said to have a connection range of 330ft and can dive into the depth of 260 ft.
  2. The battery charge cycle is 6 months.
  3. The device comes with a rechargeable battery of having a backup of 5.5 hours on a single charge.
  4. The dynamic range of the device is 8x, that helps to see more objects to focus underwater.


  1. The device can be operated through an application known as the deeper app and can be accessed through the same to check the fish at various points and levels.
  2. The battery doesn’t take long to charge again, just 2 hours are enough to charge completely.
  3. The device comes with an onshore GPS mode, which enables water bed mapping while you are onshore and boat mode bottom contour is also available for mapping.





HawkEye FT1P Fish Trax with Virtuview Icon Display

wireless portable fish finder

The Hawkeye fish finder has been known for its known for its look, it is red in color and is quite portable. Let’s see the unique features of the fish finder:

  1. Audible fish alarms: The fish finder alarm that is mounted in the instrument is quite audible and makes the user aware of the fishes that are in the deep sea or nearby to the rocks.
  2. Easy User Interface: The fish finder has the easy touch user interface, it is quite easy to use.




  1. The instrument is just 1.4 pounds and has the dimensions of 6 x 3 x 2 inches.
  2. The instrument is used for the entry level people who are looking forward to the first timers.


  1. The wireless portable fish finder is for the new users and can able to guide you well.
  2. The respective fish finder is loaded with rock indicators and weeds so that you should know where they are once you have the idea that they will be ahead of you.
  3. The instrument comes with AA batteries to use and you can also request the manufacturers to give you the warranty as it is not a default feature.





The instrument can be purchased from Amazon or any other e-commerce website that sells the similar kinds of instruments at their platforms. The newbies can use the same for their purpose of starting with fishing as they are not so expensive too.

The fish finders are must once you look for fishing in a nearby pond, but you should know what you are looking for. As there are instruments for each level, but the identifications need to be done by you only. The wireless portable fish finder specialize in their specific field so do take care of what you require and then go forward with them. Once you start using the fish finders do let us know your experience well, as this will help us in knowing the product better and there are many people who will also get a benefit.