Top 5 Best battery cordless portable drill set review 2017

Portable Drills are vital to carpentry as well as masonry. As the name suggests, these are tools fitted with a cutting edge or a bit that are fastened by a chuck. Although portable drills are mainly used to bore holes, they are also used to fasten nails. These are just the basic uses. A drill can be so versatile that they are used everywhere from surgery to space ships. The heavy duty drills are run by externally supplied power, whereas a smaller portable drill would run on internally placed batteries.

Depending on the mechanism, use and built, drills can be categorized into different types. Listed below are some of them.

  1. Hand drill

Hand drills may come in numerous shapes and sizes. These are always portable and cover a plethora of functions. The portability ensures that these can be used in challenging areas where it can be impossible to use other tools. The hand drills used by metal workers and woodworkers are smaller and lightweight whereas the other drills used to bore holes into the earth can be heavy and need two or more people to be operated.

  1. Pistol grip drill

This is the most common type of drill with a pistol inspired design. It has a handle which allows the drill to be gripped in a pistol like position, thus giving superior control and balance. These types are generally used in construction sites and in carpentry. The superior control allows the machine to be used in a very convenient fashion.

  1. Hammer drill

Hammer drills are heavier than the pistol drills and are used to drill holes into hard surfaces. The increased weight of the machine, combined with a forward thrust makes it easier and less time-consuming.

  1. Drill press

Drill presses are fixed in one place. They are exclusively used in industrial processes. Drill presses can have a number of functions. They are used to press the sheets together, screw unscrew various items, cap bottles, and so on.

Although it is not practical to have all these drills at home, having a good idea about these tools can give a better idea about the versatility and functionalities of this. If you are buying one for yourself, it is best to go for a portable drill. These usually come in a kit with all the required accessories like cord, interchangeable bits, and extra batteries. This also gives a trim packing, making it easier to carry it around. Given below is a review for five select drills that have been a customer favorite for quite some time now.

  1. Dewalt compact drill driver kit

Best battery cordless portable drill set review This drill comes in a neat packing case that has compartments for all the different items. This allows for a very compact packing and greater convenience while carrying. It can easily fit into small bags. This may have been one of the reasons why Dewalt has been a great favorite mainly among the wooden craftsmen.

Apart from its great packaging, Dewalt also has a number of high-end features, giving it greater versatility in terms of use. The drill runs on batteries and delivers a power of 300 watts. This much of power is enough for a number of uses like drilling holes, fastening and even designing wooden pieces. This portable battery drill is a great bargain for its price. The pack also consists of a replacement battery which generally costs a lot if bought separately. The chargers that come in the packaging are efficient and take very less time to fully charge the batteries. The replaceable battery is, in fact, the best thing about Dewalt drill. You can use one battery while the other is getting charged.

One more feature that draws attention is the light. The battery drill also has its own light that makes it convenient to check if you are drilling or driving nails in the right places.

Best battery cordless portable drill set reviewPros

  • The drill has a strong and sturdy built
  • Very durable when maintained well
  • Powerful enough for normal uses


  • The batteries may not be long lasting



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  1. Makita driver drill kit

Best battery cordless portable drill set review The Makita 18 LXT is a pioneer in the field of portable cordless drill. This uniquely designed drill combines the power and effectiveness to give the user a greater versatility. It uses a lithium ion battery which takes only 30 minutes to get fully charged. The drill uses a four-pole motor to give an output of almost 480 lbs. This, combined with the world’s finest cutting edge technology makes Makita more reliable than most other drills.

This ingenious engineering makes the drill usable for a number of purposes from woodwork to metal work to masonry. It also comes in a great pistol design, making easier to handle and use. This may be one of the best portable drill out there which can even be altered up to 1900 RPM and 28500 BPM. The drill has been designed to make it dust and water resistant. There is also a coating which keeps the drill from rusting. All of these features make the Makita kit perfect for harsh outdoor conditions.

Best battery cordless portable drill set reviewPros

  • A large size for a cordless drill
  • Amazing power


  • The hammer drill may wear out fast if used ruthlessly
  • The gears need to be maintained properly



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  1. Hitachi drill with flashlight

Best battery cordless portable drill set review The best portable drill always comes from Hitachi. This time, there have been some amazing addition and upgradation of their pre-existing features. This portable battery drill uses replaceable lithium ion batteries that come with a two-year warranty. It supplies a torque of 460 lbs, which is enough to cover a number of jobs. The slide batteries take very less time to charge and greatly extend the run time



  • Variable speed
  • Flashlight for maximum precision
  • Easy control
  • Compact packing portable drill set


  • The batteries are expensive


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  1. Cartman cordless drill

Best battery cordless portable drill set review Cartman portable cordless drill is definitely the best for drilling wood. The design and the handle make it extremely easy to use. It can also be used for metal, plastic and concrete. The battery drill offers a maximum torque of 25Nm and has a charging time of 3-5 hours. The pack will consist of screwdriver bits, 6 twist bit, and 1 extension rod. The lithium ion battery offers longer run time and longevity.






  • Precise controlBest battery cordless portable drill set review
  • Excellent slutch
  • Versatile


  • Does not have a backup battery



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  1. Black Decker LDX

Best battery cordless portable drill set reviewThe black decker LDX comes with 2 replacement batteries. This cordless drill has a design that allows it to be very lightweight and easy to carry around and use. It is cordless and can be used in confined spaces. The Black Decker battery drill can be used for wood, metal, plastic and concrete.




  • Maximum precision
  • Easier control, 11 position clutch


  • This portable drill set does not have a kit bag for storage.
  • The motors may not be powerful enough in a few cases


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Best battery cordless portable drill set

When buying a drill, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is the versatility and of course, the price. The five products shortlisted above are the best of their kind, but it is your call which would be the best for you.